Matching Boy Mum Clothing - Twinning is Winning

Hey! I'm Steph,

Mum of 4 boys now! Yes my life is crazy hectic, filled with cars and bikes and Connetix ( I refuse to buy Lego because who wants to stand on that in the middle of the night!)

Anyhoo! I created a line of matching ladies dresses and boys button up shirts so that mums like you and me could have that special moment with our sons! Little did I realise how much matcy matchy would take off! 

Lately I've been expanding our store to include a number of other beautiful products that I myself (and my boys) have tried and tested!

Baby Swaddles by  Bubba Bump, Boys (or girls) caps by Little Generation, as well as Connetix Magnetic Tiles that are fun for the entire family to play with!!

Over the next few months I will be adding more to our store so keep your eyes peeled in our stories and on my family page on Instagram @withthewoodsfamily for sneak peeks and discount codes!

We currently have 50% off our WTW clothing as we make way for bigger things! Local Gold Coast pickup is available as well!

I love meeting my customers in person, we all have so much in common and it makes my heart swell when i see you matching with your littles! Keep showing us the love and I'll keep our store full for you to visit!

Big Love!

Steph Woods xxx

With The Woods